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There is actually a listing of foods which are called the healthiest foods on earth. We’ll outline this below along with a sampling of some of the healthiest foods in the world.

First off all foods are measured by their nutrient density. What this means is that each food must be very rich in nutrients in relation to their calorie content.

That is they must not contain any artificial or synthetic ingredients, nor must they’re processed foods. The foods can also be classified as every day foods, those that you eat daily.

All the healthiest foods in the world must be readily available to people and affordable. This is the reason certain exotic fruits are not on the list. Despite the fact that they may have superior nutritional quality, they are either way too expensive or just not available to the vast majority of people.

Here’s a sampling of some of the foods listed as the healthiest foods in the world:

• Asparagus

• Green beans

• Avocado

• Bananas

• Cranberries

• Strawberries

• Eggs

• 2% milk

• Salmon

• Shrimp

• Black beans

• Tofu

• Almonds

Rodent Removal

• Mustard seeds

• Black pepper

• Honey

• Maple syrup

• Green tea

• Water

Many can be grown at home in most areas of the world. Plus they are all extremely affordable foods.

Now that you’ve got a good idea about what the healthiest foods in the world are. Your goal is to use them in regular recipes as much as you can.

Cooking vegetables until they are just done will ensure that you preserve all the nutrients.

The same goes with eating fresh fruits, eat them as they are supposed to derive the most benefit from them. Because each of these foods are common ingredients it’ll be easy to discover recipes to turn black beans and tofu into a delight your family will be willing to eat.

If you take a closer look at the listing of the healthiest foods on the planet you will see that all of these foods are great if included in a weight loss program. It’ll be fairly easy to include different foods from each food group on a daily basis. You’ll have no trouble in losing a couple of additional pounds.

Plus you’ll be eating from the healthiest foods on the planet regularly.

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